Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed when sandstone is exposed to high temperature and pressure.  Quartzite has a very similar look to marble but is almost as durable as Granite making it a good alternative as a natural worktop.

The difference between quartz and quartzite can be confusing since many people think they are just the same, however that is not the case. The difference between the two kitchen worktops is quite simple actually, quartzite is naturally made by mother nature while quartz is man-made. The two worktops do of course have similarities because they both share the same base quartz material.

We at Just Granite have seen the demand for quartzite continue to increase in the last few years. It simply has the right blend of strength and beauty – stronger than granite and as elegant as marble.

New kitchen from scratch. A great experience, even when a problem occurred .

I judge a company by how it responds when something goes wrong There was a problem as one section of the splashback had been cut incorrectly.They immediately ordered a new piece from the supplier, prioritised production and refitted within days. Looks magnificent and they were polite, respectful of the property, and very professional throughout. Well done everyone especially the fitter, Brian.

Les Farrington

No two batches of natural Quartzite are the same